The Big Marketing Books Giveaway

I have to admit it, I’ve always been curious about the potential of giveaways.

Yet, I’ve never run one. So here I am, doing what I like the most: experimenting with new marketing tactics while growing my blog.

What’s in it for you? Well it’s a double win for you:

  • I’ll share with you in my newsletter updates on how the giveaway is working or not working so you won’t make my same mistakes.
  • Just by signing up for my newsletter (which I promise will be interesting and with my usual no BS approach), you can win a copy of one of my favorite books in Kindle or physical format.
    I’m giving away 2 books every time I send a newsletter!

Given I’ve just put online the signup form for my newsletter few weeks ago, numbers are still low… which means your chances of winning are high!

Books I’m giving away:

Lost & Founder
The Lean Startup
Dotcom Secrets
Traffic Secrets
The Goal
Predictably Irrational
Atomic Habits
10x Marketing Formula
Radical Focus
Why We Sleep
The 22 immutable laws of branding

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