I’m leaving AdEspresso after 7 incredible years

Goodbye AdEspresso

Today, 11/30/2020 is my last day as General Manager of AdEspresso in Hootsuite. This is a tough post to write for me, one that doesn’t start with keyword research, bullet point, or posts to get inspired by. I’ve been thinking about what to write for a while now… but I still don’t have a clue of what I’m gonna write. …

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SEO group buy behind the curtains: scam or big deal?

Seo Group Buy

As I was out searching for new tools to beef up my SEO tech stack with new tools, I accidentally ended up discovering the quite crazy world of SEO group buy sites… and was actually quite surprised by their popularity and sophistication… as well by the amount of fake reviews for affiliate marketing purposes. So I’ve decided to give it …

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The 7 Key Metrics You Should Be Tracking for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing Key Metrics

A big part of content marketing is blogging, but it goes beyond just plopping down out your computer and jotting down some random thoughts. Instead, once it shifts into content marketing territory, your blog and videos should have specific purposes and goals they’re trying to accomplish. No business, after all, just has a blog on their site to make their …

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7 Types of Lead Magnets You Can Use to Drive Conversions & How to Use Them

Lead Magnet Examples

We all know the importance of growing our email list and getting more leads. Lead generation is essential, after all, to not only grow but also avoid stagnation or regression in your business. If you aren’t getting any new clients, after all, you can’t even maintain stability when normal churn rates kick in over time. Lead magnets can help with …

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Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin: Review & Personal Thoughts

Lost And Founder Review

I started this blog with the good intention to do book reviews frequently. I’ve since found, however, that my spare time to read is always so limited and I get bored by most books so often that I’ve totally failed here. Ouch. One book that came out very recently, however,  finally broke this pattern. It was so good that I made …

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Inbound Amplification: 9 Strategies to Boost Inbound Marketing with Facebook Ads

When most advertisers use Facebook Ads, they’re focused exclusively on outbound marketing strategies that initiate the conversation with customers to drive sales, brand awareness, and clicks. That’s all well and great, but with a tunnel-vision focus on sales, it’s easy to overlook the possibilities of using Facebook Ads for inbound amplification, too. In this post, we’re going to look at …

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Cashvertising Review

I received so many recommendations for this book I just had to read it. And casually, it will also be the first review I’ll share with you on my blog. Before I dive right into my comments on this book, let me add a little bit of context. I love reading. Since we started AdEspresso I’ve always tried to improve …

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2014: A Year of Marketing in Slides

2014 has been an exciting and challenging year for online marketers. Digital spending growth seems unstoppable and it’s eroding on traditional channels’ budget.

Social is becoming something more than a promise, it’s now a mature, accepted platform with new players like Snapchat constantly creating new promotion opportunities.

Other marketing channels are changing shape and being redefined by key players in the market. As an example SEO is becoming more and more challenging, old tactics are now useless when not dangerous while new ones are emerging.

Strong trends are emerging, two for all: Mobile and Video.
New buzzwords are building their ways into every marketer’s dictionary: Inbound, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking.

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